About us


Welcome to Encounter Naz!

When you walk through the doors of Encounter, you will be welcomed with Grace and Love.  Whether you have been attending church your whole life or this is the first visit you will be greeted with open hearts.  We invite you to come in a make yourself at home. We are family at Encounter and want you to feel like it is your home too.  

Our mission is for you to feel welcome and that you will have a personal encounter with the Living God. We are seeking to grow in faith and develop a personal relationship with God.  


  • There is one God who has revealed Himself in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

  • The Bible is given by full inspiration revealing God to us and showing how to live in His saving grace.

  • Humankind has fallen from the Creator's original design and is in desperate need of the gift of Jesus Christ--His ministry, death, and resurrection.

  • We are reconciled to God by grace through faith when we receive His gift of life and Jesus himself as Lord of our lives.

  • Believers are to be set apart to belong to God, experiencing deep cleansing and healing, as well as equipped with love and power by the Holy Spirit.

  • The Church is the visible community that confesses Jesus Christ as Lord, the covenant people of God, to be the Body of Christ on mission for the sake of the world, anticipating the return of Jesus for the completion of all things.